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Choose your pricing plan

  • Gold Membership

    Every month
    Personalized Coaching and Community Access!
    • Direct Chat with Daniel Burnett Through the ProMinute App
    • Performance, Nutrition, and Military Prep Mentorship
    • Access to the TLR Community Discord Group

Read This Before Purchase!

*You will receive access to these services via email. Your Train Like a Ranger account email address will be used. The email will be delivered immediately upon purchase. Check the junk/spam folder if the email is not in your main inbox*
*This service may not be compatible with all devices, This app is designed for iOS 11 or greater and android 8 or greater. Check to make sure your phone can support this app.*
*In the event of technical difficulties, you may contact us at*


More About Prominute

The ProMinute app will connect you with Daniel Burnett to give you the answers you seek directly to your phone. This app removes the time-consuming back and forth appointment scheduling and doesn't require additional video conferencing software. It's like having a personal coach and mentor in your pocket!

Want More Info on How it Works?
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ProMinute Coaching & Mentorship Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

Client questions may be sent at anytime through the app. There is no limit on how many questions a client can send while using this service. Responses will be given actively within the listed schedule and some questions may be answered outside of these hours on a case by case basis. Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to be changed. We will attempt to notify clients of major schedule changes. You may also check back here regularly for schedule updates.


More About Discord

Discord allows for secure chat servers that can be organized into topic-based channels. This will allow for cross chat within the Train Like a Ranger community where people can ask questions, share experiences, or simply get to know each other! Notifications from this app can be turned on or muted at convenience and it can be a great means of communication without clogging up a group chat! Participation in this group is optional, but it will be available to select personnel and clients of this service.

Want More Info on Discord?
Click the Button Below to Visit the Discord Website!

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