Note: This is a strength and conditioning routine, it is not to be mistaken with fight training. This is presented in a pdf file with a very detailed training program, that has a weight room and cardio split that should be supplemental to your training. Take all direction from your coaches, have them review this plan to ensure it will fit their training beliefs. This routine is meant to be an additive to strength and cardio activities for contact or explosive type sports. You should continue your training and instruction from your coaches. Some coaches will also have you start to ease up before a fight/competition, ensure you are following this strength and conditioning routine in a way that your coach would approve and that you are not overtraining before your fight/competition (more notes on overtraining in the program). This is a PDF file written by Daniel Burnett, former 75th Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and contact sports athlete. The program includes the following:-Warm up and Cooldown information-Overtraining Information-A Detailed Description of the Workout Program-A Blank Exercise Log Template-Strength and Conditioning Program (Includes weight room training, HIIT, sprints, and some steady state cardio)-Exercise Log (With Hyperlinks)-Detailed Nutritional Information and Tips

Contact Sports Strength and Conditioning Program

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