NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED Do you feel like you are losing gains from the gyms being closed? Do you need guidance on what to do when working out at home? Then look no further! This is a PDF document written by Army Ranger Veteran, Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), and nutrition coach Daniel Burnett. This program includes a 5 day workout program that can be done with NO EQUIPMENT! That being said if you do have equipment there are optional workouts for those as well. Those considerations include jump rope, pull-up bar, dumbbells, and kettlebells.


This program includes:

-Warm up and Cooldown information

-Overtraining Information

-A Blank Exercise Log Template

-A 5-Day Training Program

-Exercise Index (With Hyperlinks)

-Detailed Nutritional Information and Tips


Quarantine Program: Limited to No Equipment Workout Program


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