Transformations From TLR Programs!

I am a firm believer in you get what you put in. These are great workout programs, well thought out, and budget friendly. The nutritional advice included is also very helpful. It's all there for a reason and worth every penny!

-Aryias Colbert

TLR has been crucial for me as I prepare myself for SFAS. The knowledge packed into this plan has made for some serious results. The flexibility of having the options for both gym or at home workouts kept me training, even when I wasn't near a gym. 10/10 I would do this plan again and recommend to anyone I know who wants to better themselves!

-Gary Kroon

I have made major progress in the past few months! Looking forward to continuing my fitness journey!

-Wes Padilla


Military/SOF Prep Successes

Screenshots From Clients

Client: "I got selected yesterday, going to (redacted battalion)/75 (Ranger Regiment). Thanks for your input and program"

Client: "Hey man! Got assigned to (redacted) battalion (Ranger Battalion) today!"

Daniel: "Success!! Congratulations man!"

Client: "Thanks man! Your stuff definitely helped with my success in RASP man"

Client: "Hey Daniel, I graduated (RASP) about a week ago, I'm going to (redacted location). What can I expect as a (redacted MOS) in (Ranger) Regiment?"

Daniel: *Gives advice*

Client: "Thanks man! Your program helped me and my buddy out alot when we were in (redacted location) training up for this. I appreciate it!" 

Client: *Sends RASP Certificate of Completion*

Daniel: "Congrats man!"


Client: *Sends a voice message expressing gratitude for the workout programs and advice*

Daniel: "Glad to hear this man! It's an honor to help you guys out"


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