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Contributing Podcasts

See other podcasts Daniel Burnett has been a part of!

Mind of The Warrior Podcast


"On this week’s Mind of the Warrior Podcast I sit down with Daniel Burnett to talk about his journey as a Ranger, a leading fitness trainer, and beyond."


MOTW Podcast.png

Veterans Action Report


"Daniel is the founder of Train Like A Ranger. He has numerous affordable programs to prepare you for ranger school, or even help you shed off that Covid 15."

VAR 3_edited.jpg

Warrior's Next Adventure Podcast


"Today I have on veteran small business owner of Train Like A Ranger. He builds fitness programs to get people ready to join the military, go to Ranger School and to just over all get jacked like him! We talk about healthy eating habits and how fitness comes in all shapes and sizes."


Scrolling Through Life Podcast


"Dan and I talk about what made him decide to go to Ranger Battalion and we also both tell what was going through our minds when we first got to Ranger Battalion. We talk about RIP vs RASP and both our personal experiences and I share my opinion on the benefits of Ranger Regiment making the move to create RASP.

Dan shares with me why he created ‘Train like a Ranger’ and he also shares what he has coming up and the future of Train Like a Ranger."

Scroling through life.jpg
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