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Workout Program Questions:

Q: What does the workout programs include?

A: Be sure to reference the description of the workout programs to confirm what the individual program contains. The workout program is a PDF that is available for dowload after purchase. The workout programs typically include a detailed description of the program with supporting information on warmups, cooldowns, and overtraining information. Then there will be the training regimen itself, usually organized in a table format that is easy to read and follow. Attached will be an exercise index which has hyperlinks to all listed exercises so that the correct exercise can be referenced with an example of proper form. Some workout programs will have detailed nutritional info and a body weight workout routine attached. Again, be sure to reference the product description to confirm what the program contains.

Q: What equipment do I need for these programs?

A: Depends on the program, but ideally access to a gym is highly recommended. However, some programs also include a body weight routine, this addition will be stated in the product description. Essentially, some programs have two workout routines attached for the price of one. The primary program will be a gym program, but it will include a supplemental bodyweight program in case a gym is unavailable. I did this to accomodate for the COVID lockdown, because I understand that some poeple do not have access to a gym right now. Short answer: most programs have been accomodated for and you can perform with little to no equipment if a gym is not available to you.

Q: Have there been any success stories from clients using your programs?

A: I am very proud to say a lot of people have left overwhelmingly positive feedback. My social media is littered with success stories and client messages. My Facebook also has a review section where clients can review my business. I have also received confirmation of people making it into Special Operations, swearing by the physical preparation achieved through following my programs.

Q: Are the programs just for military people?

A: This service is intended to target everyone! Military or civilian, boy or girl, big or small, young or senior. Training is for everyone, and the main target of advertising as Train Like a Ranger is to market myself as a former member of the physically rigorous 75th Ranger Regiment. Beyond that I have worked as a personal and group trainer serving people from all different walks of life. This personal training service is not exclusive to one group in particular.

Q: What does the checkout process look like for the workout programs? Can I view them from my phone?

A: Once checkout is complete you will see a button that allows you to download the pdf immediately, but if you are not ready to download right away, no worries! There will also be an email that is sent to the email you provide that includes a link that allows for the program to be download for up to 30 days after purchase. Also, If you have a smart phone, the pdf can be viewed and saved there as well.

More About Daniel

Q: Are you an Army Ranger?

A: Yes, to clarify, I am a veteran of 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

Q: What was your MOS?

A: My job in the Army was known as a Fire Support Specialist. The MOS is 13f, also known as a Forward Observer.

Q: Why did you become a personal trainer?

A: I have always been a fitness fanatic. The worst punishment for me as a kid was to get grounded. Not because I couldn't see my friends, but because I couldn't go to the YMCA and workout. I played a few team sports, but mostly I was an avid track runner with an interest in martial arts. When I joined the military at 18, I was super into the fitness aspect of it. To be quite honest with you, there wasn't much of the physical demands of the military that I didn't excel in. As a Team Leader in the 75th Ranger Regiment (Special Operations, Army Rangers), I was put in charge of the entire FIST (Fire Support Team) pt (physical training) for our company. I was left this responsibility due to my desire to take that role and my high pt scores. This is where I first gained an interest in leading people in fitness. I felt a great sense of accomplishment from watching our team excel in pt scores. After I left the military, I pursued an undergraduate degree geared toward med school. I became certified in personal training and nutrition coaching and have worked as a trainer since 2017. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with a minor in Biology in May of 2020. This degree further builds on my credibility and understanding of why we train the way we do. Overall, I love fitness and the fitness industry, I am always looking at new certifications and education to build my credibility. I still actively compete in Jiu Jitsu among other martial arts and look to expand on the services of fitness that I can offer in the future! The most rewarding feeling for me is to help someone achieve their fitness goal. The fitness industry is overwhelmingly positive and rewarding and I have no doubt that I have found my calling.

Special Operations Questions

Q: What is the difference between RASP and Ranger School?

A: Short answer is this, RASP is the selection process that makes you an Army Ranger, this selection gets you into the 75th Ranger Regiment. Ranger School is a leadership school that uses tactics from the 75th Ranger Regiment and upon completion you receive a Ranger Tab that you can wear forever.

For a full description, copy and paste this link to the address bar to watch a YouTube Video I created that explains the difference in detail:

Q: Am I too old for Special Operations?

A: The average age of someone going through any special operations selection is about 25-30. However, I personally went through selection at 18 years old, and know people in their 40s who went through selection. Short answer: age is just a number.

Q: What is the height and weight requirements for Special Operations:

A: Average height is 5'9" and average weight is about 170lbs; However, don't let this be a guiding factor. Special Operators come in all shapes and sizes, the big takeaway is to be mentally alert, physically strong and morally straight. If you can know your job, and crush the physical requirements, and believe in the mission, then your shape and size does not really matter.

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