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Answered by Daniel Burnett


Workout Program Questions:

Q: What does the workout programs include?

A: Be sure to reference the description of the workout programs to confirm what the individual program contains. The workout program is a PDF that is available for download after purchase. The workout programs typically include a detailed description of the program with supporting information on warmups, cooldowns, and overtraining information. Then there will be the training regimen itself, usually organized in a table format that is easy to read and follow. Attached will be an exercise index which has hyperlinks to listed exercises so that the correct exercise can be referenced with an example of proper form. Some workout programs will have detailed nutritional info and a body weight workout routine attached. Again, be sure to reference the product description to confirm what the program contains.

Q: What equipment do I need for these programs?

A: Depends on the program, but ideally access to a gym is highly recommended. However, some programs also include a body weight routine, this addition will be stated in the product description. Essentially, some programs have two workout routines attached for the price of one. The primary program will be a gym program, but it will include a supplemental bodyweight program in case a gym is unavailable. I did this to accommodate for the COVID lockdown, because I understand that some people do not have access to a gym right now. Short answer: most programs have supplemental options using little to no equipment if a gym is not available to you.

Q: How long are the programs?

A: Currently, most programs are designed for 2 months but I have several programs that are longer. The TLR Warrior Program is currently the most lengthy and in depth program at 6 months in duration. See product descriptions for details.

Q: Have there been any success stories from clients using your programs?

A: I am very proud to say a lot of people have left overwhelmingly positive feedback. My social media is littered with success stories and client messages. I have also added a testimonials and reviews page to this website for you to reference! 

Q: Are the programs only for military people?

A: This service is for anyone and everyone. The main goal in advertising as Train Like a Ranger is to market myself as a former member of the physically rigorous 75th Ranger Regiment. Beyond that, I have worked as a trainer and coach for years serving people from all different walks of life. My expertise is broad and these services are not exclusive to any group in particular. Though some programs are marketed as military prep programs, they would be able to be applied to the average person and athlete effectively.

Q: What does the checkout process look like for the workout programs? Can I view them from my phone?

A: Once checkout is complete you will see a button that allows you to download the pdf immediately, but if you are not ready to download right away, no worries! There will also be an email that is sent to the email you provide that includes a link that allows for the program to be downloaded for up to 30 days after purchase. However, make sure you save a permanent copy to one or more devices within the 30 day period. Also, If you have a smart phone, the pdf can be viewed and saved there as well.

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