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Train Like a Ranger Earn a Program Incentive

The Train Like a Ranger program incentive is designed to motivate clients to pursue and complete 1 or more TLR programs for their health and wellness. The incentive motivates clients to submit proof of program completion to earn rewards. In the form below the client must submit a good before and after photo showing improvement of physique. The client must also submit a testimonial that states their experience with their Train Like a Ranger Program.


Disclaimer: All submitted information can be used for promotional purposes. If you choose to submit information below for the program incentive, you will waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the images or information submitted. Images can be made anonymous for those who wish to be more private with their submissions.

Reward Parameters:

  • Must be more than 2 months since the program purchase

  • Can be either a workout program or nutrition program (or both)

  • The before and after photo must be indicative of real and clear improvement of the same individual


Completion of a workout or nutrition program or two subcomponent months of the TLR Warrior Program:

  • A checkout code for The Complete TLR Warrior Program

If you have completed 2+ months of the Complete TLR Warrior Program:

  • 1 free workout or nutrition program

  • 1 Train Like a Ranger Flag (options for vertical or horizontal)

Earn a Program Incentive Form

Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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