Apply 100% off to Measuring Weights for a Program's Repetitions Annex with the promo code "1RM100". This is a PDF file written by Daniel Burnett, former 75th Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Certified Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition Coach. When we measure a 1 rep max, we do so not only to see our strength potentials, but to measure how to add weights to our program. This table is a good rule of thumb. Follow these percentages to the best of your ability. Reassess your 1 rep max and adjust after every tier of training (1-2 months). Programs have been updated to include this information. This annex is geared as an update for people who have previously purchased a program, or for people who want access to this free information. Enjoy! 

Measuring Weights for a Program's Repetitions Annex

  • This is a PDF document that will be available for you to download after purchase.


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