What sets Train Like a Ranger apart from its competitors is purpose and detail behind each training regimen. This is not your average training program. This program is a PDF file written by Daniel Burnett, former 75th Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, and athlete. The program is structured for 2 months (or more) and it includes the following: a detailed program overview, easy to follow instructions, dynamic warm-up and cooldown information, overtraining and rest information, an exercise log, weight training calculations, a 2-month workout program designed for gym access, an additional bodyweight program in case a gym is unavailable (yes! two workout programs in one!), and a workout index with video hyperlinks to exercises displayed in the program. The 2nd portion of the program contains nutritional information including: BMR calculations, daily caloric needs calculations, macronutrient needs and sources, how to read a nutrition label, and tips to maintain a proper diet! This program has overwhelmingly positive reviews! Please refer to my social media and the testimonials and reviews section of my website to see what people have been saying about these programs! Addtional Information:Target Audience: People seeking to get back in shape, or newcomers to fitnessFrequency: 5 days per week (see photo above for details)Recommended Fitness Level: Beginner, no prior experience needed

Newcomer to Athlete Program

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