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What sets Train Like a Ranger apart from its competitors is purpose and detail behind each training regimen. This program annex is a FREE PDF file written by Daniel Burnett, former 75th Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, and athlete. People often ask how to improve ruck times. Like my running program, I recommend being on a weightlifting program to improve the stability of joints (muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments) for increased impact and training loads. There should be emphasis on building the muscles that propel you forward, like your glutes and hamstrings and the muscles that bear the ruck load with proper posture like your shoulders, traps, core, back, hips, and all supporting stabilizers. Therefore, I am carefully recommending this as an annex, or expansion, to an existing strength and conditioning program. This annex is designed to give a ruck march training option to the military specific Train Like a Ranger programs. This plan will start at a very beginner level of rucking and progress to an advanced level of rucking. Pick where you want to start according to your current fitness level. As a consideration, I must give you my personal, but informed beliefs on ruck march training. I do not think that ruck marching in excess is a healthy thing. I have seen many military personnel sustain injuries across their military career due to the implementing of harmful loads alongside improper progression. The rucksack is known to put a damaging load across the shoulders, spine, and hips. The produced load results in poor posture and heavy impact for long durations of time. A lot of military related injuries result from improper body imbalances. Some muscles are tight and overused, while others are weak and loose. Therefore, I highly recommend using weightlifting and cardio training as the primary means to improve your body’s capability to ruck march. Due to this program being in low necessity, I have developed this as a free addition. Test your times, but I personally do not recommend this as a strict program. I am leaving recommended ruck distances and times which can be substituted into a program as seen fit. I recommend implementing a ruck day in your existing strength and conditioning program no more than once per week. However, my personal recommendation is only one ruck per month. However, do this routine at your own discretion, but make sure you listen to your body to prevent overtraining.

Ruck March Annex

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