What sets Train Like a Ranger apart from its competitors is purpose and detail behind each training regimen. This is not your average training program. This program is a PDF file written by Daniel Burnett, former 75th Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA CSCS), Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist, and athlete. This program also has help from contributors like Angel Cortes, Army Ranger Veteran and dietitian, along with help from Tom DeVietro, Army Ranger Veteran and Strength and Conditioning Coach. This program is a 6-month (or more) training program that requires full gym access and includes the following: ***Video describing the program: https://youtu.be/0_jwZQd_lTU/ Table of ContentsTLR Waiver and Release Disclaimer. 1Warrior Performance Psychology. 2Angel Cortes Nutrition. 6Macronutrient Source Examples. 9How to Read a Nutrition Label 10Hydration. 11Supplements. 13How to Warm-Up and Cooldown. 17Overtraining. 19Percentage of 1 Rep Max (1RM) to Repetitions Table. 20TLR Strength and Conditioning Program Overview.. 21Test Week: Program Entry. 22Month 1: Introduction to Weightlifting and Steady State Cardio. 23Month 2: Well Rounded Lifting and Introduction to Interval Cardio. 28Month 3: Volume Lifting (Hypertrophy), Interval, and Steady State Cardio. 33Test Week: Mid-Term Progress Check. 38Month 4: Promoting Strength and Power. 39Month 5: Power, Speed, and HIIT.. 44Month 6- Test Driven Focus. 49Exercise Index. 53 Please refer to my social media and the testimonials and reviews section of my website to see what people have been saying about these programs! Addtional Information:Target Audience: Military, First Responders, and AthletesFrequency: 5 days per week (see photo above or use video hyperlink in description for details)Recommended Fitness Level: Beginner, this program is 6-months and starts from basic cardio and weight training to advanced cardio and weight training

TLR Warrior Program


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